What happened to the retail scene?

Being someone who is ultra conservative, I am probably the worse type of person to be in retail.

I thought running a shop is simple- present a good product, customer who likes it buys. There we create trade and make a living for ourselves, or at least that is how I envisioned the retail scene to be. I thought it is as simple as buying coffee from the coffeeshop uncle. No gimmicks, no marketing, not trying to save the world… just plain coffee. But I was wrong –

  1. My coffee needs to be packed nicely, the coffee doesn’t matter, the packaging does.
  2. My coffee needs to be the best tea that anyone can have.
  3. I need influencers taking photos with my coffee.
  4. I need to go digital.
  5. My coffee needs to save the entire coffee industry.
  6. My coffee needs to be made through some collaboration scheme.
  7. I am selling another poor coffee maker’s coffee and earning his cut.
  8. I need to create a coffee exhibition/festival watever.

omg! I just wanna sell coffee.

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