“When you realised that amongst your treasury of drinking cups that there is only one that is your favourite – one that you have been using for the past 10 years – really, you don’t want that to be a plastic one.

Shop Tema Hima is a concept shop inspired by the film “Tema Hima” by Tom Vincent and Yu Yamanaka. The term “Tema, テマ” and “Hima, ヒマ” is translated as “effort” and “time” respectively – the 2 values which are found wanting in our fast moving society.

In the course of running Supermama, I came across many craftsmen who put in immerse amount of time to create objects that are carefully thought through and  beautifully beautifully crafted. Yet the works they produced are conveniently compared to those that are mass manufactured, competing based on price point. This makes no sense at all.

In a time when the term “craft” has been commoditised, I hope to present works that are honest, works that so inspired me in my journey setting up Supermama. No marketing bullshit.

So, welcome to the backroom of Supermama.”

Edwin Low, founder Supermama