A human shop

I was preparing Shop Tema Hima for its opening in a few weeks and realised I have been looking at various references of shops that are nicely done. It seemed like shops that reflects the personality of its owner attracts me the most – even though design wise, it is not so polished. I guess we are living in an age where we wanna rid of everything that is superficial, showy or artificial.

What is the model shop of the 21st century? Is it in the adoption of technology? Is it in automation, should the shop operations be run by robots? I was at Mcdonalds the other day, the point of sales seemed to be replaced by screens and the only interaction I had with a human being is when my number was called to collect my meal. I kinda missed the elderly auntie asking for my order.

I don’t want my shop to be cold. I don’t want my shop to be perfect. I don’t want to be professional. I don’t want it to be of the highest service standards. I want it to be relational, educational, to be like home where you can let your guards down… and most of all, I wish that my shop can be a human shop.

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